With fines of up to £17.5 million (or 4% of an entity’s annual worldwide turnover) at stake, now is the time for online services to consider age assurance technology as the solution to the ever evolving online safety discussion.


The Children’s Code (or the Age Appropriate Design Code) marks a major step forward in addressing the challenges related to the processing of personal data particularly of those under 18. For businesses to ensure that each user is of the appropriate age, they will require technology that provides age assurance (both age estimation and age verification). This is key to ensuring children can remain “within” the online world while being protected from its most harmful elements. As for users—and especially children—they need to know that the data they hand over to online service providers won’t be misused.

This is the key challenge that faces the successful implementation of the Age Appropriate Design Code. It shouldn’t deter the use of online services, but rather assure children and their parents that they can do so safely and with ease.


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