Tobacco Age Verification Software.

Tobacco laws make it difficult for online retailers to sell tobacco online. VerifyMyAge provides a frictionless verification process for you and your customers.

Age verification app for selling tobacco products online.

It’s illegal to sell tobacco to anyone under 18, so it’s essential online vendors use age verification software to ensure legal compliance while delivering a positive customer experience.

VerifyMyAge is a frictionless age verification solution that enables you to check your customers’ ages quickly and seamlessly – resulting in complete legal compliance and customer satisfaction.

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What is age verification software?

Age verification software confirms a customer’s age to allow or restrict online tobacco purchases. We understand that your conversions and customer experience are critical, so VerifyMyAge age verifies your customers without distracting them from their purchase – ensuring a smooth and satisfying user experience. What’s more, you can integrate the software directly within the browser post-checkout or through email or SMS.

Quick and easy set up.

VerifyMyAge seamlessly integrates with your website in under 5 minutes and requires minimal technical know-how.

Seamlessly integrated.

Our age verification software integrates seamlessly with your checkout process, so visitors see it as a natural part of their site journey rather than an annoyance.

Customer-friendly and secure.

VerifyMyAge offers a range of verification methods for users to choose from – including ID verification, credit card checks, and AI powered age estimation. And thanks to sophisticated cryptographic encryption, your visitors’ data is kept safe and secure.

Multi-platform integration.

VerifyMyAge integrates with a wide range of popular online marketplace platforms and ecommerce apps. Our integration options include eBay, Shopify, WooCommerce.


Our eBay compatible app seamlessly integrates with your eBay seller account, updating your customers' verification statuses using eBay order notes.


Our Shopify integration is the most efficient Shopify age verification solution. You’ll be up and running with VerifyMyAge in minutes.


Our WooCommerce integration is the most efficient way for you to age verify your customers on WooCommerce.


VerifyMyAge offers a simple and robust API integration designed to be implemented in a matter of minutes.


Legally compliant.

Current tobacco laws including the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control require an age verification solution to regulate sales of tobacco products. VerifyMyAge offers customers five quick-and-easy verification methods to prove they’re over 18, taking the pain out of age verification compliance.

Age Assurance Methods.

VerifyMyAge provides age assurance (age verification and age estimation) while ensuring your customers are not distracted from their purchase or online experience. Our solution can be integrated either directly - within the browser post-checkout - or indirectly through email or SMS.

VerifyMyAge Database

Mobile Phone Number

Credit Card

Facial Biometrics

Open Banking

Government Issued ID

Credit Header (and other) Data

Email Address Data

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