Creating a Child Safe Environment.

Leverage AI to create a child-safe environment by mitigating the risks associated with adults attempting to abuse platforms and online spaces designed for kids.

Understanding the scale of the risk.



During 2020, there were 10,000 cases of online grooming offenses recorded by the police.


of 11 year olds are playing online games.*

There have been instances of child grooming in popular games and online PVP platforms.


of 11-17 year olds have met up with a stranger in person.*

Groomers commonly use social networks to gain access to children and to gain their trust.


of 12-15-year-olds have been contacted by a stranger online.**

Social media platforms saw the most recorded instances of child grooming crimes during lockdown.


Due to the scale of the issues, the UK Government has committed to doing more to tackle online child sexual exploitations by working with the tech industry to stop online child sexual abuse, sharing solutions and best practice.

One valuable but under-explored opportunity is to help keep adults with bad intentions out of child-safe spaces online.”
Tony Allen, Chief Executive Officer at Age Check Certification Scheme.

The solution.

Create a child safe environment by protecting children from 'contact' risks – e.g. exposure to unsolicited contact – from adults attempting to use platforms and online spaces designed for kids.

  1. Age declaration.

    Combining age declaration with facial biometrics to verify the user’s declared age is accurate.

  2. Age estimation.

    Using facial biometrics to estimate a users age, our technology detects liveness to confirm the user is a live person in front of the camera. Their age is then estimated using multiple AI partners via a configurable decision matrix to meet the required level of confidence and assurance.

How it works.


The user submits their date of birth prior to entering a child specific space.


Using a phone camera or webcam they submit a short video selfie.


The age estimation result is compared to their previously declared age.


User access is either

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